why Sector10?

why Sector10?

when I was young, I used to go to bookstores ( which were not available just like now) and to buy books then to somewhere else to get some stationary stuff , and so on. fast forward few years later, the dream of having one place that provides everything altogether at the same place started chasing me. until 2019, when I turned 19 I decided to establish my own trademark, my very beloved Sector10; where I wanted to be able to provide each bookworm every single original item they might need to build their library. 

You can see the huge variety we have now; starting with books, bookish items like annotation stuff , decoration stuff like book nooks, rugs. tote bags and so on. 

last but not least, one of the things I have always wanted to express is my gratitude for your trust in Sector10. 

you are our real family, we now have a whole team to serve you in the way you deserve. 

you are our SECTORIAN <3 

Sincerely , 

Rawan or in other words "Rara" :D

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